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Purchasing, Trading or Selling a time-share

has never been this easy and safe

We are a team of professionals who have offered our customers a professional service backed by experience in managing time-shares for more than 20 years. It is our firm belief that time-sharing is an excellent opportunity for families to plan their holidays with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they can convert their holiday at any time into an investment opportunity.

Whether it’s to purchase, trade or sell a time-share, our customers have the opportunity to access a time-sharing world, in Italy and abroad, capable of accommodating all tastes and requirements; every property on the portal has been selected and assessed to guarantee our customers the utmost peace of mind in choosing a safe and secure and guaranteed property.

We do not do any brokering or rather, our aim is to create a meeting place between the supply and demand of time-shares, that is free of ancillary costs which would inevitably reduce the appeal and financial advantage of the offerings.

Experience and professionalism

The experience we have gained over the years, and our specific knowledge of all the technical and legal aspects governing the world of time-sharing are our biggest guarantee of achieving total customer satisfaction, while we offer them consulting completely free of charge.

In the portal, customers can perform a search by geographical area or by destination, and should a particular offering rouse your interest, simply fill in the information request form directly in the property data sheet to receive all the details and necessary information, no strings attached.

We care deeply about the satisfaction and security of our customers, which is why we make the dream holiday of many Italian families come true every day.

Time-sharing as an investment

A team of professionals accompanies customers every step of the way during the valuing of their investment, protecting it from possible unforeseen circumstances

Owning a time-share actually means owning a property within a holiday resort for a specific period of time every year (usually calculated in weeks). This opportunity means you can plan your holidays confidently, in a flexible way and quite often in a much better destination than what you would normally be able to afford. Generally, all time-share facilities are situated in extremely popular locations and within well-organised and manicured settings.

This formula proves extremely beneficial for families, in terms of costs: they get all the advantages of an owned property but without all the worry of management and maintenance. There are almost always management companies on site that take care of all the routine and extraordinary management of the facilities so they retain all their beauty and value over time.

Nevertheless, time-sharing can also be considered a genuine form of investment: like all owned property, it can be used by the owner, but it can also be let out to third parties to obtain revenue from it. Time-sharing also involves another management opportunity, that is typical of this formula: trading, but what exactly does that mean?

When our customers are tired of their “holiday” and want somewhere new, in Italy or abroad, they can access the portal we place at their disposal and help them identify new destinations that fully accommodate their needs. In fact, trading entails the sale of your right to use your former time-share and the purchase of a new one.

For further details about all the opportunities linked to owning a time-share, please get in touch with our customer services. An expert consultant is ready and waiting to assist you. Contact us now

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